Roots of HIGOLD brand dates to 1989. In these days, company was producing kitchen hardware. In 2005 company decides to start furniture production. In same year HIGOLD Outdoor furniture was founded. Company had 120 emlpoyees and 12000 m2 production area. In 2010 number of employees raised to 800, and the export was almost in 50 countries. 2015 was year of strong worldwide marketing promotion. In 2016 was created more than 40 brand new showrooms. Nowadays is HIGOLD brand one of most design, leading companies in their industry, with representation in more than 150 countries worldwide.
HIGOLD is brand with mission. It explains also the main idea: Live the excellent life! Higold strives for creating a healthy and satisfying lifestyle for human beings. Ideology is to provide a better and elegant lifestyle with our products and give our customers a better reason to stay outdoors. Become part of HIGOLD with us and live the excellent life with us.
We believe, that design makes difference. HIGOLD produces novel and eye-catching furniture with significant signature. His icinic design confirms international Red Dot award. We are looking for business partners and coworkers, who will help us to build HIGOLD brand stronger.
HIGOLDS usually offers wide offer of standard materials, designs and colors. Take a look to your preferences and don´t forget to tell us.
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